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LendingOwl is the first Telegram-based peer-to-peer lending bot ecosystem, utilizing smart contracts to provide immediate access to loans ranging from $5000 to $250,000, available in both crypto and fiat currencies. Our platform enables users to obtain loans without requiring KYC procedures or reliance on a trusted third-party.

How it works:
How to secure an instant loan in Telegram

Get ready

Launch LendingOwl to access your available loan options right in Telegram.


Apply for a loan and select a preferred loan option. You can secure loans from as high as $250,000 to as low as $1000.

Get paid

Getting paid is a breeze. Withdraw your loans and available funds from the LendingOwl network within minutes and have it sent through your preferred payment method

LendingOwl Bot

With LendingOwl you will not just access crypto or fiat currency loans. With your bot, you can also:

  • Receive activation codes
  • Earn interest as a Lender
  • join our affiliate program
  • We are working 24-7 to make sure we keep you financially healthy.

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    Other features

    Easy installation

    It takes only 5 minutes to start using LendingOwl. No coding or technical skills required.

    Repayment reminders

    You'll receive account notifications which reminds you to repay your loan in advance.

    No KYC

    Get access to crypto loans without any KYC or Credit-checks.

    Instant loans

    Instantly borrow crypto or fiat right from your Telegram smartphone app.

    30% collateral

    Users can secure loans with 30% of the loan amount as collateral. For example 30% of $5000 =$1500. The collateral required is $1500 for a $5000 loan.


    The bot uses ETH smart-contract technology to make sure no one has access to user funds.


    All collateral is safeguarded and insured by BitGo, the industry leader in crypto custodianship.

    Affiliate program

    Users can make more money with our built-in affiliate program.


    With CoinPayments integration you can deposit or withdraw Bitcoin, Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies from the bot anywhere in the world.

    Lending pool

    Benefit from the collective strength of pooled investor and lender funds, creating a robust lending ecosystem.


    Withdraw loans through multiple payment providers such as Skrill, Payoneer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

    Repayment plans

    Enjoy flexible loan repayment plans.

    Data export (CSV)

    You can export your accounts transaction data at any time.

    NOTE: you 5% as referral bonus on anyone registered under you!

    Our Roadmap


    Open LendingOwl on Telegram to access loans.

    Fund Account

    Login and click on portfolio to fund your LendingOwl account.

    Select A Preferred Loan

    Check out the available loans on LendingOwl via the Marketplace.

    Choose Loan

    Click on the preferred loan to choose and complete your loan application.

    Monitor Your Loan

    Monitor your approved loans. Loan term can be from 7days to a year.


    Apply for withdrawal by clicking on the "withdrawal" button.

    Refferal Bonus

    Click on the "Referral" option to view all Referred users and to also apply your Referral Bonus.

    Get started for free

    We aid users in obtaining loans, fostering financial stability and independence.

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